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2010 School Holiday Trip To Meow-Meow City - Kuching

Year end school holiday trip is something like an annual ritual to us (CS and my families).  It's something we anticipated every year comes year end.  This year Kuching is our destination, and the reasons being are 1) some of us have not been there before, and 2) we are paying a visit to Hen Kim.  One stone two birds kinds of mentality lar.  We spent 4D3N at Kuching, overall it's a fun filled trip.  Special thank to Hen Kim and wife (Michelle) for their hospitality during our stay at Kuching.  Least to mention the free ride and food provided.  It would be perfect if free lodging is also provided.   Hahahaa ..  just joking.  Of course we are not that THICK face to request for it.  We stayed at Hotel 360 as recomended by Hen Kim which is surprisingly very spacious and cheap too.  Below is the trip highlights.

Day 1 (23 December 2010)
We took AirAsia flight and arrived at Kuching at around 10am.  Hen Kim and wife picked us up at the airport.  As soon as we checked in the hotel, we had breakfast and went to Chinatown to see here see there.

We went to this Joyful restaurant near the hotel, and we had 'Mee Golo' or 'Golo Mee' and 3-color Teh (三色奶茶) for breakfast.  Both are Super Good!!  The 'Mee Golo' is equivalent to our KL dry wanton mee (干捞面).  The look is not tempting but the taste is one of a kind.  The 3-color teh is also worth giving a try, it tastes like 'Chendor Teh'.  FYI, we had the same for breakfast for 3 consecutive days, that how good they taste.

Joyful Restaurant

3-Color Teh

Mee Golo or Golo Mee

Ronda-ronda at Chinatown

Attap Street in Chinatown??

Mosque or Parliment House??
Coffee Shop In Chinatown

The coffee shop is owned by a Taiwanese lady.  Best coffee in Kuching, just look at the foam.

Day 2 (24 December 2010)
Of course Kuching trip is not complete without visiting the Meow-Meow museum - the city where there is no mouse.

Beware of woman.  Even a dinasour is no match for a woman!

Spaceship has landed in Kuching??

Oh . .Silent night . .  Holy night . .  Yeah, it's Christmas eve at Kuching.

Day 3 (25 December 2010)
Ho. . Ho . . Ho . . Merry Christmas to everyone.   We went to the Sarawak Forestry to watch Orang Utan, and visited the Sarawak Long House, took a dip at Annah Rais hot spring, and went makan-makan party hosted by Mathew (Hen Kim's colleague).  Very 'pai-seh' we went empty handed but sapu all the food.

Sarawak Forestry is about 30 inutes drive from Kuching town

Pig-Cage grass (猪笼草)
Ritchie - The Big Boss
Is that a Nikon?
Yes, it's a Nikon, now please hold still
  Rumah Panjang
Aunties @ Rumah Panjang
Human skull for souvenir, anyone?
Annah Rais Hotspring
Crossing river to Hotspring pool

Hen Kim & Wife (Michelle)
Mathew's X'mas treat - Let's Makan
Group photo at Mathew's House

On X'mas night, we celebrated Zhi's (CS's youngest daughter) birthday.  This marks the last event of our trip, and we head home the following day.  Looking towards to our next trip.

Happy B'day To You . . Zhi
希望爸爸妈妈给我满满的爱. . .

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